Hello and welcome to Household Dish!  I’m Cindy, a middle-class wife and mom from New England.  Connecticut to be exact.  I have a mild obsession with antiques, am a dark chocolate fanatic, and love a glass of good red wine.  My biggest joy in life however is my family.  Together with my husband of nearly three decades we’ve raised four pretty amazing kids.  Over the years I strove to turn our house into the perfect home for our brood.  Yet with four children to care for there wasn’t always a lot of expendable income so I learned over time to do many things myself.  From cooking, gardening, painting, sewing — I’ve tried my hand at most things around the house!  Along the way there’s been successes and of course there’s been failures but you never know can achieve until you try.  On a tight budget, hitting sales, trips to flea markets and tag sales became essential!  I found with some hard work and ingenuity you can have a beautiful home without spending a fortune.

Cooking and baking have always been a passion of mine.  Admittedly I feel most at home in the kitchen, which is why you’ll find a lot of recipes here. However I’ve always been willing to give most any project a try.  It wasn’t always easy especially in the days before the internet.  There was no “Google” to help guide you. Many things you simply had to figure it out as you went along. With my children now all young adults and starting lives of their own I find they are now the ones wondering “How do you make this?” or “How do you do that?”.  I decided to create Household Dish as a place to share what I’ve learned over the years and all I continue to try to discover.

With our two oldest in the military and two in college I couldn’t be more proud! Seeing the people they’ve become made all the craziness worth it!  And through this blog, no matter where in the world my boys are deployed, they will be able to experience a little piece of home.

So, grab a chair and stay for awhile.  I hope you enjoy the recipes, ideas and stories!

Thank you for stopping by Household Dish!